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The Eastern Daily Press reports: A fight is underway to make sure swimming remains a priority in education, as pool upkeep and transport costs stretch schools’ already squeezed budgets.


Spiralling repair and maintenance costs have forced many schools to close their pools, while transporting pupils to and from lessons can be a costly burden in the tough climate.

It has seen school swimming slide across the country, with Swim England figures from 2015 showing that just 52pc of key stage two children are able to swim 25 metres unaided – despite it being a national curriculum requirement.

Our Summer of Swimming campaign, launched last week, has highlighted how swimming participation, though still the nation’s favourite sport, has dwindled.

And with research showing that children who don’t learn at primary school are more likely to become one of the one in five adults unable to swim, efforts are ongoing to ensure all children earn their water wings.



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Abdul, 40, a lower primary school teacher at Padinjattemuri in Malappuram district of Kerala, swims 100 meters to and fro daily to his school.

“I had traveled by road during the first year,” he says. “But it was on the advice of my colleague Bapputty that I started to swim across the river,” says Abdul.

“My family was apprehensive in the beginning, but I was confident that there would not be any problem as I have swum in the river since childhood,” he says.

“The school is surrounded by water on three sides, so it is better to swim rather than depend on any other kind of transportation,” he explains.

If he does not do this, he will have to take a circuitous 24 kilometre road journey. And he would have to change three buses. Also, he would have to leave his house really early.

He carries his clothes, as well as a towel and books in a plastic bag. Once he reaches the banks, he changes into fresh clothes and makes his way to the school.

Abdul’s daily habit provokes curiosity among the students. But he cleverly diverts that curiosity to spark an interest to learn swimming. At present he is coaching a large number of students on how to swim.

“Apart from swimming, we also receive tips from Abdul sir on how to lead a healthy life,” says a student.

According to his own calculations, Abdul will spend more than 1,000 hours in the river before he retires in 2029.  He would also have swum 700 kilometers during his entire career of 35 years.  It is a unique record which no other teacher in the state, and probably in the country, can lay claim to. More…


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Goggles more dangerous than knives?

One parent alleged that a group of five children had been threatened by a youngster with a penknife, one boy having been scratched with it on his stomach. Two knives were confiscated, one from a boy just nine years old. Oxfordshire County Council have no policy on knife crime in primary schools, but they do have a policy banning swimming goggles!

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