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250h0078a462a314a2d3b62bb4557169ba0fThe Westmeath Independent reports: A 57-year-old American who twice survived cancer is bidding to become the first person ever to swim the length of the River Shannon. Dean Hall set off on this remarkable challenge at the northern tip of Lough Allen on June 5.

“It is taxing, but I’ve found that with marathon swimming, as with cancer recovery and life, we are much more limitless than we would ever consider. “We put limits on ourselves mostly because of fear we have, or because of what other people tell us is our limit. Once we take those limits off ourselves, and let our bodies and our minds do what they were created to do, we can do nearly anything.

Along the way Dean is raising money for an Irish charity, the Childhood Cancer Foundation, which helps to fund services for children and families affected by childhood cancer. More…


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Campaigners in Co Down are desperately trying to save one of the last open-air sea water swimming pools in Ireland from closure. Reports the Belfast Telegraph…

The pool is open for eight weeks during the summer months at a cost of £45,000 to the new council, which is looking to save money in these times of austerity.

A statement from petition organisers says: “Newry, Mourne and Down Council are proposing to close the iconic Rock Pool in Newcastle Co Down in order to save £45,000,

“The 100-year-old pool is a much-loved and well-supported facility and is the last open-air sea water swimming pool in Ireland.

“It has provided generations of locals, sports people and visitors the opportunity to learn water safety, lifesaving and swimming in a unique cold sea water environment.

“It is a true cross-community facility and has attracted visitors to Newcastle town for 100 years.” More…

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The Irish Examiner reports:

More than 500 swimmers braved the waters of the River Lee in Cork on Saturday as part of the annual 2km Lee Swim.

Cork Masters Swimming Club and Cork Lions Club run the swim annually as a charity event. The Lee Swim was a major event in the sporting calendar during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

However, due to deteriorating water quality in the River Lee, the event was moved to Monkstown in the 1950s.

Following the commissioning of the Cork Main Drainage scheme in 2003, there was a marked and sustained improvement in water quality. Consequently, as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations, the historic Lee Swim was re-launched two years later. Prior to the 2005 re-launch, the last Lee Swim was in 1987. More…


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Jack B Yeats - The Liffey Swim

Jack B Yeats – The Liffey Swim

When the artist Jack B Yeats captured the Liffey Swim on canvas in 1923, it was billed as the “biggest free spectacle of the year in Dublin”.

Limbering up for the Liffey Swim

Limbering up for the Liffey Swim

The Independent.ie  reports: “This year (August 24) the event proved once more why it has become such a enduring part of the life… [of Dublin] as thousands of people turned out along the quays between Butt Bridge and the East Link Toll Bridge to cheer on the 335 men, women and children of all ages who took to the water in the quest for victory and for enjoyment in the 94th Dublin City Liffey Swim.” Results…

Liffey swimmers

Liffey swimmers

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Lakeside swimming area Friedrichshafen

Across Europe swimming is actively encouraged. Here at Friedrichshafen the lake is seen as a tourist attraction and so swimming features heavily on its tourism website.

In Scotland their is unrestricted access for swimming in any river, lake, or reservoir as per the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.
In Ireland the waterways generally have open access for swimming.
In England negative attitudes rather than legal restrictions prohibit free access to rivers and lakes for swimmers. British culture is unique in that we stand alone as the nation that reinvented swimming, spread its popularity worldwide and then rounded up a nation of swimmers, chased them out of open water and confined them to indoor swimming pools.

So where can we swim and how can we swim safely?

These are questions I will be answering this Saturday on BBC Radio Leicester between 12.00 and 2.00 on Ed Stagg’s panel show.
Discover the connection between swimming and British culture, read Hung Out to Dry and you will see the British as never before.

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