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The Melton Times reports: New photo exhibition is a fascinating look back through Melton’s history.

An exhibition displaying fascinating images of the town’s past was opened to the public on Saturday and it will run through to July 7.

Many of the pictures, which have been taken from collections kept by the Thorpe End museum and the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, have not previously been seen by the general public.


There is also an image showing outdoor swimming in the town’s river in 1930. It shows a gala at the lido, on a loop in the river east of Burton End, known as Swans Nest. Diving boards and wooden changing huts were installed. Mixed bathing wasn’t allowed.

Discover the history of swimming places in your area: klick here.

Discover why the British separated the sexes when swimming: Klick here.

Go online at http://www.imageleicestershire.org.uk to see a bigger collection of old historic photos collected by the county council.


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The London Evening Standard Reports: “Floating exhibition displays artworks in middle of swimming pond on Hampstead Heath.”


“Seeing the smiles on the swimmers faces this morning was a great example of the transformative power of art.”

“It was also refreshing to see so many swimmers practicing their treading water techniques as they viewed and explored the floating gallery whilst out on the water… eight works worth more than £20,000 …in the middle of the mixed pond” More…


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