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KGW reports: In Mayor Ted Wheeler’s proposed city budget released this week, there’s an interesting $158,000 line item in the park bureau budget: Build a swimming beach under the west side of the Marquam Bridge. The idea is to get more people access to the water on warm days.

The city says the river is safe, just don’t drink the water. To get people to love the Willamette again, and not just view it as industrial, Mayor Ted Wheeler has talked about turning Poetry Beach, into an actual beach for months.

The site is along the river trail and already has a walking path down to the water for a small boat ramp. Under this winter’s high water level, there is a sandy beach down there. The mayor is proposing adding a lane line out in the water to mark off safe swimming, bathrooms, maybe a lifeguard, park ranger safety patrols, picnic tables and possibly even inviting a food cart to set up nearby.

Ella Jackson agreed saying, “This would be a good way to get out and not travel three hours to get to a beach, it’s smart.”

“Getting people to challenge the notion that the river is just a thing to drive over and inviting people to get back into it and reconnect with the Willamette is the goal,” said Wheeler’s senior policy advisor Nathan Howard. “I would say a $158,000 is not ‘nothing’ but it is a small portion of the city budget and really it is a very worthwhile investment to tell the story of the renaissance of the Willamette and all of our public investment has created something we can all experience and is much healthier than it was a couple decades ago.”

If it’s approved in the final city budget at the end of May, Poetry Beach would be fixed up and ready to open as a swimming beach in July through September this year. If this pilot beach goes well, there are plans to invest in the Eastbank Crescent Park on the east side of the river near the Hawthorne Bridge. A floating dock is already very popular with sunbathers and kayakers, but it would be torn out and replaced with multiple docks for swimming and boating, and a sandy beach with picnic tables and restrooms would be built.


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Boston.com reports: Summer means swimming, and the Charles River is getting in on the action. “Love that dirty water? Too bad! It’s clean! Let’s go swimming!” the Charles River Conservancy wrote on Facebook Thursday.


Yup, that once dirty water is now swimmable, but you and your swim group will have to register ahead of time. The CitySplash Swim the Charles event is Tuesday, July 12 from 2 to 6 p.m. This marks the fourth year in a row that the Conservancy is letting Bostonians jump—but no flips off the dock, please—into the river.

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The ASA reports: A new group has been set up to investigate the links between swimming and health, and demonstrate just how good swimming is for you. The Health Commission for Swimming is an independent group made up of experts from across the health and physical activity sectors. Set up as a response to Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation, the group will explore current research around health and swimming, and provide evidence on how swimming positively impacts on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Ian Cumming, Health Education England Chief Executive and Level 3 swimming coach, will chair the Commission group. He said: “Over the last six months there has been a distinct shift in the national debate about the value of physical activity and the contribution it can make to the health of the nation.

“Swimming is unique; anyone can do it regardless of age, ability or health condition. It is the only physical activity that can be done from birth right through to older age, and with over 16 million people swimming at least once a month, it is well-placed to respond to many of the country’s key health and social concerns.

“We already know that just 30 minutes of swimming each week can significantly benefit general levels of health and wellbeing. This new Commission group will seek to identify and conclusively demonstrate how swimming can help combat a range of health conditions within the population.” Read more…

Comment: With much in the news lately about the hidden risks associated with swimming pools perhaps outdoor swimming will be considered as a healthy alternative.

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Reality Austin reports: “Here in Central Texas, we’re lucky– we’ve got one of the largest networks of rivers and lakes in the state. These vast networks also happen to make for some pretty amazing swimming holes. It would be a shame not to take advantage of them during the dog days of summer.”

Barton Springs Pool

“However, when looking for swimming hole guides around Austin, we noticed that they either lacked information, were inefficient or didn’t have that personal touch that Austinites crave. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this comprehensive list of the best swimming holes in Austin, Texas.”

Hamilton Pool Preserve

“Through our own personal research and utilizing resources online, we’ve come up with the definitive guide to the best swimming holes within an hour of downtown Austin. We hope you enjoy!”

Jacob’s Well

For a swim closer to home take another look at the Wild Swim Map

Swim Safe

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Michael Barnes writes: “Whenever someone is considering a move to Austin, I warn them: ‘You’ll love it, but it’s hotter than Africa.’ Austinites generally find three ways to cool off during the six hottest months: 1) Travel; 2) Stay indoors; or 3) Find water.”

The most popular swimming location is said to be Barton Springs and with the hot summer last year and the chance that global warming may see temperatures rise (either because it’s really happening, or because you hate the mention of it) we could do with more places like this across the UK!

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Adventure-seeking wild swimmers will find plenty of attractions at this three-quarry water hole. High diving from three platforms (the highest of which is 10 meters), scuba diving, rope swinging, and zip lining to keep you busy all day.

Visit the St Paul’s Cliffs Website open for visitors from 11AM to 6 PM…

This is one of 13 beautiful natural swimming holes around the U.S. Take a look at them all on Fox News…

Discover where you can go wild swimming in the U.K.

Win a free copy of Daniel Start’s book: Wild Swimming

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It’s the pause that refreshes. Nothing feels better when the weather turns hot and humid than to jump into a nice, cool swimming hole. And several local towns have those in abundance. With more than 1,000 ponds and lakes larger than 10 acres and another 3,000 smaller ponds, and countless miles of rivers and streams, New Hampshire is quite a cool place. Discover where to swim in New Hampshire… Salem, Pelham, Windham, Allenstown and Pembroke, Candia, Hooksett, Goffstown, New Boston.

Wild Swimming in New Hampshire

Discover why outdoor swimming in rivers and lakes is so rare in England, visit Hung Out to Dry…

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